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Stay away from Coracall and you will be thankful you did!

They say a leopard never changes its spots and this is true. A business that has earned a bad reputation for itself through unlawful marketing tactics can never change. Such a fraudulent business will never give up its old ways and it’s only up to customers to stay miles away for their own good.

But how are customers supposed to stay away if they do not know who these fraudulent companies are? Customers are innocent and they need the curtains to be removed in order to identify these treacherous business organizations from the distance. One such fraudulent company that has already embarked upon a mission to make its customers a fool is Coracall.

At present Coracall is merely laying a trap for individuals with no visible signs of deceit. This is the first step of their strategy to fool customers. They are presently calling up customers and acquiring information from them claiming that it is purely for research purposes. And it is here that they are lying.

This is because the information and personal details that they are acquiring from customers will be sold to various product selling companies in return for monetary gains. Customers cannot be blamed because they are innocent and trusting, hence they do not see any harm in giving out information for research purposes. But it’s totally going to be the fault of Coracall for violating their privacy as well as direct marketing norms by selling this information.

The real problem however, is going to rise when the flood of telemarketing calls start coming in. Individuals’ lives are going to be turned into a nightmare as various product selling companies’ start calling up all the time.

How can we be so assured that this will happen? Well this is sure to happen because Coracall and Phruit Limited have common roots therefore, the sins of one will be repeated by the other. For those of us who are unaware about the exploits of Phruit, let’s take a quick look at them:

Phruit Limited was a UK based company that was forced to shut down in 2010.Why were they forced to shut down? Well they had to do so because they had indulged in various illegal practices and had been caught.

Phruit Limited had indulged in what is known as “sugging”-the practice of violating customers’ privacy as well as marketing norms for financial gains. Phruit had also indulged in making what they claimed to be research calls, acquiring information and then selling this information to various product selling companies.

Individuals realized that Phruit had fooled them when product selling companies started calling them up. Since they had opted for TPS registration and had themselves listed on the Do Not Call lists, they knew it was the work of Phruit. A complaint was made to the DMC and an investigation made by them found Phruit to be guilty of violating the following norms:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers

3. 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

After Phruit lost is credibility in the UK it shut down and switched its base to South Africa, assumed a new name-Coracall and began operating out of a call center in KwaZulu Natal.

Despite a change in name we can still prove that Coracall and Phruit is the same by mentioning three facts:

1. Despite shifting their base to South Africa, they have retained their roots in UK as their proprietor is British company Assured Capital Holdings.

2. Mr. Phil Lightfoot, the director of Phruit Limited is the Chief Executive Officer for Coracall!

3. And thirdly Coracall offers exactly the same services as Phruit used to.

4. So even though agents of Coracall will try their very best to assure customers that they have no intent to deceive, individuals should keep a safe distance from them. If they have already started receiving calls from Coracall they should complain against them at the following address:

Coracall can be reached at the following address:

Barnby House,

Barnby Gate,



NG24 1PZ.

Or they can be called up at 08455 199131

Emily Edison is not one to sit quiet while a fraud company like Coracall fools customers. She is quick to inform customers how they can stay away from the clutches of Phruit and in fact take legal action against them.

Company: Coracall

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

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