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Comentator Bath V Sale Rugby
Poor commentary

I tuned in to listen to the commentary of Bath V Sale rugby. The commentary was so poor I gave up at half time. Listening to hear what is happening in the game, where the play is who has the ball, what the direction of attack is, What happens at breakdowns etc. I have no idea as the commentator and ...

Itv news
Celtic celtic celtic

Every night of the week I watch the news and every night at 6.15ish celtic are on the news. I think there are much more important things than football. Would it not be better to put sport on at the end of the program, as it is in the newspapers. I turn over to bbc as soon as I see green hoops and ...


Hi all - I wanted to make you all aware of the trouble I have had in my dealings with I am from a Film Production company and we had been trying to create a specific shot for a client. We had tried to create it using post production techniques but in the end we decided it would be ...