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The jeremy kyle show
False info

I wish to complan regarding a show that is ging to be ayred on the 18th of janury of the the jeremy kyle show i wqas calld by the shoe to do with one of my sons and it ended up with my outher son thay so thay sent a taxie to get us i told them that i did not want to go on the show but the show had ...

Fifa 13 ultimate team
Ultimate team

Hello i would like to co, plain about fifa 13 ultimate team. i was playing on ultimate team and i completed all of the manager tasks. unfortunatley i never got my gold pack. i hope that you get time to read this, and hope that you can improve on this felliney ...

Bid TV
Taking FULL payment

Despite the item being advertised as on FOUR easy payments of £50 each, this shopping channel has taken the FULL AMOUNT of £207.98 from my bank. Telephoned them to complain and they assured me that they would NOT debit my bank account. ...