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Remember to stay away from Coracall if you don’t want to get deceived

Individuals tend to just go ahead and trust a company by taking it at its face value. Little do they realize that not everything is as it seems. Hence they should be extremely cautious when it comes to trusting a company.

Most individuals sooner or later realize that because of their naïve and trusting nature, they often end up making the mistake of trusting a deceptive company. But by then it is too late and they have already become the victims. But it’s not always individuals who can be blamed for making such silly decisions. Perhaps the situation would have been different if, they had received some sort of warning beforehand.

If they were told that a particular business was out to make a fool of them, then they would have been clever enough to stay away.However, whatever is in the past, is most definitely in the past but individuals can be warned so that in the future such mistakes are averted. At the present moment there is a company known as Coracall that is out to fool customers.

Now if we decide to judge Coracall merely by what it is projecting itself as at the present moment, it will come across as clean.However, despite their best efforts, management at Coracall cannot hide the fact that they are related to an already infamous fraud company called Phruit Limited.

Now for those readers, who are unaware of Phruit’s shady past, let’s get a closer look at it.Phruit Limited was a renowned company set up in the United Kingdom until 2010, but that’s when the truth about it came to the surface.

Agents of Phruit had violated the privacy of individuals and indulged in unethical marketing practices and when these acts were revealed their name got tarnished forever. What agents had done is that they had called up individuals and cleverly obtained personal information by them by stating that it was for research purposes. These individuals saw no harm in doing so and willingly gave out the information for research purposes.

But in reality whatever information was being obtained, was being sold to product selling companies for monetary gains. Now once these product selling companies got their hands on these details and contact information of individuals, they began to make telemarketing calls to them throughout the day.

These individuals got so harassed with these repeated calls that they decided to immediately report the matter to the DMC.After all something was fishy because how could individuals get their contact details when they had opted for TPS compliance and had their names registered on the Do Not Call lists.

Its then that they began to suspect that maybe Phruit was behind the situation.So they decided to get authorities to look into the matter.A DMC investigation revealed that Phruit had managed to violate the following guidelines:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing.

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers.

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3. 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research.

Phruit lost its reputation in the UK as it could not prove that it was innocent. Once this news was made public and people decided to distance themselves from Phruit, they knew it was time to shut down.

But this was only temporary because all the time that they were underground, they were planning their comeback. And this they did in a new location and under a new name-Coracall.But we still have to prove how Coracall and Phruit are related to one another?

Well, we just need three points to prove how Phruit and Coracall are related:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing.

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers.

3. 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research.

Even though these facts have now been made clear to readers so that they stay away, agents of Coracall will still want to fool customers. They will make their very best effort to convince readers that they have no such intentions against individuals.However, if they have already started receiving such calls from Coracall, then it is best to immediately complain against them.Coracall can be contacted at the following address:

Barnby House,

Barnby Gate,



NG24 1PZ.

Or they can be called up at 08455 199131

Emily Edison is an active campaigner against fraud companies like Coracall.Having made known how Coracall is related to the fraud company Phruit, she is advising customers to save themselves by staying away.

Offender: Coracall

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

Category: Business & Finance


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