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Get your defenses up people Phruit is back

Is it okay to be an naïve and innocent individual in today’s world? No of course not! With so many fraudulent business companies around it is wise to keep one’s defenses up at all times. Fraud companies are always on the lookout to fool innocent individuals and one such company that is spreading its trap at the present moment is Coracall.

Yes, yes we know agents at Coracall have convinced you that the information they are acquiring is purely for research purposes. In fact they are such masters at the art of deception that one would be convinced, they couldn’t be harmful at all.

However, this is just stage1 of their deception. Once individuals make the mistake of trusting them and giving out information, begins the next step of the deception game. The next step involves selling this personal information and data to various product selling companies for financial gains.

And this is when the trouble breaks out. Very soon individuals get harassed as various product selling companies start calling up at all times trying to make sales. When the phone keeps ringing its going to be disturbing and trust me the phone is going to keep ringing a lot once these product selling companies get a hold of your number.

How are we so sure Coracall is going to commit all that we have accused it of?

Well to begin with we can safely say that Coracall will follow the same route as its predecessor Phruit Limited did. But wait a second what wrong acts did Phruit indulge in? Well it wasn’t too long ago that Phruit was found to be guilty of indulging in various illegal practices. The year was 2010 and people realize how Phruit, which had till then been a reputed company in the UK, was terribly deceiving them.

Phruit had called up UK residents and even way back then they had cleverly acquired personal details and information of customers by stating that it was for research purposes. But then they sold this personal information to various product selling companies and the real fun began.

Individuals were constantly disturbed as the phone kept ringing and they felt like they were losing their mind. They were surprised as they couldn’t figure out how they were being contacted when they had opted for TPS compliance and had their numbers registered on the Do Not Call lists.

A hint of suspicion prompted these individuals to complain to the DMC and they immediately launched an investigation against Phruit. It was discovered that Phruit had violated the following guidelines:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers

3. 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

Once Phruit lost their reputation, they had to immediately exit the business scene and this caused them to go underground for sometime and then relocate to South Africa.

But then again how can we so confidently state that Phruit and Coracall are related?

Well three points that prove both these companies are related should put non believers to rest:

1. Despite the fact that they shifted their base to South Africa, they have retained their roots in UK as their proprietor is British company Assured Capital Holdings.

2. Further proof is that Phil Lightfoot, the director of Phruit Limited is the Chief Executive Officer for Coracall!

3. And thirdly Coracall offers exactly the same services as Phruit used to.

Even though Coracall is now operating out of a call center in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa their intentions will obviously be the same as that of Phruit. Agents of Coracall will put on their best show to prove how innocent they are. However if you have already started receiving calls from Coracall put down your foot at once. Make a complaint against Coracall at the following address of theirs:

Barnby House,

Barnby Gate,



NG24 1PZ.

Or they can be called up at 08455 199131

Emily Edison cannot be expected to stay silent while unethical lead generation companies go about fooling consumers. She has clearly unmasked the true intentions of Coracall so that innocent individuals do not fall into its carefully set trap.

Company: Coracall

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

Category: Business & Finance


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