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When paying a higher price for an item you would expect it to work. I received a waterproof eyeliner from my mother as a Christmas present being a girl I had a back log of make up so have just got round to using it. However I could not finish my make up as when twisting the end to extend the ...

Bourjois-responsible person for replying customers at, also Pholippa Vant
Ignoring a customer request who asks identifying the date of manufacturing of a Bourjois corrector despite prvoviding all details and photos

This is a complaint about Bourjois representatives attitude towards customers who ask for additional information about a particular product. Bourjois representatives just do not answer to none of my 5 emails I've been sending ( which I can forward you in case you request). All I wanted to know was ...

Mystique Creams
Fraudelent withdrawals

I was working on my office computer when an add came up for two'FREE TRAIL' creams of Mystique anti-ageing products for £2.49 each for postage and packing. I ordered both creams and took them on holiday with me - when I returned I found they had deducted £139.98 from my account - £79.99 for one and ...