Complaints and Reviews of UK Consumers

Translink Ulsterbus
Bus driver

Hi i would unfortunately like to make a complaint about the driver whom was driving from kilkeel to newcastle this afternoon, bus number 37. I was standing at the bloody bridge bus stop at half past five, quite clearly with my arm out to stop the bus and the driver chose not to stop! He very ...

Happy Shopper
Sort your fucking crisps out

So I went on a mad sesh this weekend and as you can imagine felt quite fragile today. I knew I had to do something about this and visited my local shop to buy what I thought would be an amazing bag of crisps at a belter price of £1. I was very much looking forward to my happy shopper crisps and ...

Bartlett group bargain bedsits
Breaking the law

I should start with saying STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I rented room from them a year ago and my life became a hell. I mean it. The room starter to fall apart shortly after I moved in. They make the house look like its old but actually in the right condition. Well its not. Ok even tho you can somehow ...