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Complaint-review: Mrs Linda redpath - Runny custard

Mrs Linda redpath
Runny custard

Hi, I’ve bought the happy shopper brand custard before and I’m very happy with it but when I bought a tin today it was just like coloured, flavoured water, no consistency to it all, I poured it down the sink. I’ve put pics up of info in case a batch was missing thickening ingredients. ...

Wrights Pies (Shelton) Ltd
Un satisfactory pie

I’d had a hard day at work and I had been looking forward to my steak and onion pie from Wright’s I have been eating all variety of your pies for years, I consider my self a connoisseur of said pies. I am pretty gutted that when I tucked into my Wright’s steak and onion pie I did not find fluffy ...

Upper Crust
Lack of asparagus

Dear sirs I'm sorry I have found it necessary to contact you, but trust you will understand why I have decided to do so. My elderly parents purchase your pies on a regular basis, as do I. Approximately 5 weeks ago they purchased 2 chicken and asparagus pies from Sainsburys in Leeds. However, ...