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Happy Shopper
Price confusion

I have just bought the happy shopper 4lt cat litter. 1 pound and bot a promotion, just printed on packaging. My daughter bought another one but the 8lt size, being twice the size we thought the price would be double eg 2 pound. Actually it was 59 dearer at £2.59p. why is one 8lt bag more expensive ...

Passport for Pets

DO NOT use these people, I thought I had done my homework when Shipping a puppy from UK to USA I received several quotes but foolishly chose these amateurs. Their "Managing Director" Ian Sealy was rude and obnoxious when I called with some concerns. They did not know the rabies rules and ...

Steiff Teddy Bears

Gute nacht hund, I have received as a gift and I have kept it attached to card and put away in cupboard, I have just checked it and it looks like the nose has split it hasn't even been touched since I received it looks like some glue has come away it doesn't look very well made. ...

The Royal Ascot
Heatwave Cruelty

Why are you still making horses race in this heat. It's cruel. I currently have over 50 people all commenting the same. It's really hot and you are still allowing this. The commentators keep saying how hot it is for the people wearing suits and top hats. They are sat drinking ice cold drinks unlike ...