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Stef and Philips
Imcompetence at its core

Incompetence at its core Horrendous customer service, inability to comprehend a serious issue or act, inability to communicate with their tenants efficiently, treating their tenant with such contempt not to add insult to injury their un-ethical standards do not comply with the deontologie's act ...

Bargain bed sits
Agressivement, terrible

The lady responsible for rents is EXTREMELY agressive. Bad manners. She shout and interrupt you when you are talking. There is no way you speak about the place you are interested in, because she nearly hang the phone up. Don't rent anything from this place!! ...

Bartlett group bargain bedsits
Breaking the law

I should start with saying STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I rented room from them a year ago and my life became a hell. I mean it. The room starter to fall apart shortly after I moved in. They make the house look like its old but actually in the right condition. Well its not. Ok even tho you can somehow ...