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Translink Ulsterbus
Bus driver

Hi i would unfortunately like to make a complaint about the driver whom was driving from kilkeel to newcastle this afternoon, bus number 37. I was standing at the bloody bridge bus stop at half past five, quite clearly with my arm out to stop the bus and the driver chose not to stop! He very ...

The Learning People
Price and Expectation

Career Consultant? THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING. I was told what I wanted to hear without any facts. 40k per year after doing the course with no experience.. finish the course in a year.. LIES If I studied 8 hours a day I could pass in a year but who would do that? And these courses dont get jobs like ...

Baanyan software services raghu daripalli myvisajobs h1b careers hyderabad kolkata
Baanyan software services myvisajobs baanyan software services h1b baanyan software services careers raghu daripalli hyderabad kolkata toronto boston

Baanyan Software Services is a criminal organization run by Raghu Daripalli. He lures fresh graduates on OPT and gullible Software Engineers from India only to turn them into indentured laborers and destroys their lives. Don't believe me? See Go to and Enter Raghu Daripalli to see the court cases. ...