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Baanyan software services myvisajobs baanyan software services h1b baanyan software services careers raghu daripalli hyderabad kolkata toronto boston

Baanyan Software Services is a criminal organization run by Raghu Daripalli. He lures fresh graduates on OPT and gullible Software Engineers from India only to turn them into indentured laborers and destroys their lives. Don't believe me? See ...

Motorclean Ltd
I worked for this company and I was not paid

My name is Silviu Marian Stan, I worked for this company (Motorclean) and I was not paid, I worked at Nissan in st albans!! This is my email: [email protected] I want to be contacted as soon as possible! if not, I give you in court! ...

Waste Employment

I don’t even know how to start this. I had a very traumatic experience, it was a misfortune I have never received any kind of support or follow-through for any application. And here is the deal, this has happened many times already, I tried calling their office for support and follow-ups but I get ...