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Theresa Oakley

Theresa Oakley at the University of Worcester is alleged to have committed plagiarism throughout her PhD. Theresa Oakley's plagiarism involved failing to attribute sources properly, fabricated quotations and copying across data sets and tables. Theresa Oakley's plagiarism was exposed after ...

Coronavirus rules

I have just visited the Timpson shop in the Tesco at Mickleover in Derby. The gentleman running the booth refused to wear any protection whatsoever. No mask, no visor. There were no wipes for the cash machine and no gel to clean his hands or for the customers. When I challenged him he said he ...

Premier store tilbury
Verbal harrassment

Hell my name is peter morgan I am being verbally harassed each time I go in to the store, I have written to the store manager asking for names of person's involved in making rumours against me, the last time I was in the store there was a black fellow speaking to the store manager as I entered the ...

Data Cabs
David Thomas

This driver was constantly on the phone while driving the fair from cockette to town was £10 when it normally is £5.i also heard him say on the phone to someone that he is doing all his taxi fares today off the books to make more money.he was also verbally rude and agressive. He shouted at me for ...