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Harry Corry Ltd

So today purchased a 'cushion' in your harry Corey store in Kilmarnock I had my friend and small child with me I then found a cushion elsewhere that was suited better my small child was tired and upset after shopping so my friend agreed too return too hurry Corry the cushion I no longer required ...

HireHouseCleaners Ltd
No receipt sent

Hire House Cleaners came to my flat to do a professional cleaning service for the end of my tenancy. They arrived 30 minutes late. Upon inspection I found they had not cleaned under any surface (IE Bed & Couch) they made no effort to clean any marks on the walls. Finally they refused to send me a ...

Proper Job Superstores Ltd
Simply white paint

I had brought 2.5 letre of your simply matt paint for walls & ceiling it was very runny I applied 1 coat of pain it took over 3 hours to dry whilst it leaked down my walls onto my lino and tiles once finally dry I applied a 2nd coat for it to take of the first coat of paint in total I had applied 4 ...