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Phruit has woken up from its slumbe

People tend to be innocent by nature and when companies take advantage of that innocence they can rightly be called fraud companies. Individuals cannot have their guard up on a 24/7 basis, sometimes they may make the mistake of trusting a company that is out to fool them.

Its not individuals who can be blamed for being so trusting and naive, its just that these fraud companies are really good at doing what they do best-making a fool of people. If maybe individuals had some kind of warning they would have stayed safe, however this does not always happen. But it is wise to note that a company called Coracall is presently out to fool customers.

They are in what can be called the first phase of deception-they have merely started making calls to individuals right now. So one might ask, what harm can some calls possibly do? Well Coracall is making these calls to individuals and claiming that they need to acquire information for research purposes. This is where they are lying to customers.

Once this personal information is collected from individuals, it will be sold by Coracall to various product selling companies. And then the real trouble begins for telemarketing companies because soon they are going to start receiving non stop telemarketing calls.

But how can we make such baseless accusations against company called Coracall?

Well firstly our allegations are not baseless.Coracall will resort to such shameless and unethical marketing practices because they are related to Phruit which is a proven fraud company.

How can we prove that Phruit and Coracall share anything in common?

One can easily see the obvious connection between Phruit and Coracall by observing the following points:

1. Although Coracall is based in South Africa and operates out of a call center in KwaZulu Natal, they have retained their roots in UK as their proprietor is British company Assured Capital Holdings.

2. Further proof is that Phil Lightfoot, the director of Phruit Limited is the Chief Executive Officer for Coracall!

3. And thirdly Coracall offers exactly the same services as Phruit used to.

So now will one still refuse to accept that they are one and the same? No obviously not.

But more importantly what unlawful acts did Phruit Limited commit?

Well Phruit was a UK based company that enjoyed a good reputation until 2010.And then their ghastly acts were revealed. Phruit is guilty of committing all that Coracall will surely indulge in.

They lied when they called up and acquired personal information of customers stating that it was for research purposes when I reality they sold for monetary gains. This illegal practice is known as “sugging” and is a violation of individuals’ privacy as well as direct marketing norms.

Suspicion against Coracall grew when individuals began to wonder how they were reached despite having opted for TPS compliance and having had their numbers registered on the Do Not Call lists. It took just one suspicious customer to realize what Phruit was up to and to launch a complaint with the Direct Marketing Commission which launched an immediate investigation and found that Phruit had violated the following norms:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers

3. 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

So once these unethical acts of Phruit were discovered, they were forced to bow their heads in shame and disappear. But this disappearance was not meant to last for long. This is because Phruit soon recovered and now have restarted business operations from a call center in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Agents of Coracall will try their very best to convince customers that they are not like Phruit and have noble intentions.However, if individuals trust Corcall even after being informed they will have to face the music. If one has already started receiving calls from Coracall, put an end to the nonsense once and for all by complaining against them at the following address:

Barnby House,

Barnby Gate,



NG24 1PZ.

Or they can be called up at 08455 199131

Emily Edison has a no nonsense attitude when it comes to fraud companies like Coracall.She will never sit quiet and will always make individuals aware of their illegal practices so that these companies can be put out once and for all.

Offender: Coracall

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

Category: Business & Finance


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