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It is bad enough that i was harassed at the staff Christmas ball, by my line managers husband.on receiving advice from the union, and other personal matters, that i resigned my position in ASDA, that i now have to face more harassment from colleges when i`m out socialising with friends and family in our local pub, dirty looks, eyes rolling, from a section leader who is a daughter of another section leader, and buddies of my ex line manager. Tuts in the street, by another off her buddies, who is also a line manager! and even being shovelled in the back by one college (that line managers sister}.

I did put in a complaint at the time off the incident at the ball. about my confidentiality being broke, but due to health reasons i didn't pursue it. and to be quite frank i know there would be nothing done, as their all buddies with the General manager anyway. i have seen and watch it with my own eyes how they cover each others backs in this store, if your not a buddy or in the store cliché `, a family member then you don`t matter!! this store is unbelievable and i am more than relieved to not be a college any-more. but i would also like to be able to live my life in peace, go about my own business now without this harassment . obviously again my confidentiality has broken or my line-managers version of the incident has been discussed with these parties that they are being hostile towards me. this is ridicules and so unprofessional as the majority are in management, signing a contract with ASDA is like signing your own death warrant!! do i have to be force to take out an harassment order against my ex-line the law does state it is harassment indirectly from her, by her friends and family and such an order would state, no associate, friend or family member! should... it takes 2 incidents to obtain this order as-well! which i now qualify for in speaking..been shovelled in the back Saturday night and the incident at the ball.

Company: ASDA

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

Category: Career & Work


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