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Customer service, lack of working handset or services

03 Aug: brought my 6-month-old handset into store because of a number of issues, including lack of speaker phone (to hear the other party when making/receiving phone calls, non-functioning of SIM card, non-functioning of data, despite being on the One Plan (unlimited data)). It took 3 months of going back to various stores, during which time, I was given several SIM card replacements. At the time, Three did not provide loan phones, and sending it in for repair would have meant that I would be without any phone or data connection for 2-4 weeks. As this was an unacceptable solution to me, I decided to try other ways of resolving the problems.

Oct: After 3 full months of visiting numerous 3 stores most weeks and weekends, and having identified some retail sales people who were more technically knowledgeable, my data services was working somewhat. The speaker on the handset and the phone not recognising the SIM card continued to be major issues that could not be resolved.

Nov - July: I tried occasionally to call customer service, tech support. No resolution. I gave up.

mid- July: no phone or data services for 1 full week. Apparently, 3 was experiencing severe outages. It was tweeted, but nothing was posted on their website. Speaking to several Tech Support people on numerous occasions provided me with this information. I tweeted Three; no reply. Tech Support (a few commendable and helpful people there) mentioned that there are now loaner phones that I can use whilst my phone is being repaired. I took my phone into the store. No loaner phone. I waited a week or 2 until one was available and then brought my phone back in for repair.

Aug: my phone repair was returned. It was worse than before, as there were now a couple of new issues, in addition to the previous faults not being repaired. I sent my phone straight back into repair... a total of 6 times.

Sept: my phone was in repair for 4 weeks, and I desperately asked the store about it. They could not trace it. 1 week later, however, they finally found it and returned it from repair. Whilst in-store, I put the battery back (back cover now missing, taken and disposed of by the Repair Ctr) and the SIM card. I never left the store with my phone because it did not work. I repeated this process 5 more times. One of those times, the Repair Ctr claimed to have replaced my handset with a new handset. I had secretly marked my phone. They returned MY handset, despite claiming to have given me a new handset.By the way, the IMEI was the same as mine.

Oct: received a phone call from the 3 store. They said: "please don't come back in until Customer Service agrees to give you a new phone. You are wasting our time by coming in. Your phone is here, but it probably is not repaired, just like the previous 5 times. The Repair Ctr says that it is repaired, but it probably is not." One week later: unhappy 3 store salesperson called and asked for the loaner phone back and said I would be charged a late fee. I mentioned that his colleague had told me not to come back. He told me he didn't care what his colleague may have told me. It's in the small writing of the Terms and Conditions that I would be charged a late fee.

end Oct: escalated this issue. This is the 4th escalation that I have done with customer service in the last 4 months. Still waiting to hear back... Anisha, the Customer Service Mgr, however, did call me back when the call got cut off (4 times during our conversation, which begs the question about the quality of the 3 network)...


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