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I've used Moneybookers/Skrill pages to pay for goods overseas. I've asked for a withdraw on my account on the 30th of July, on their site it says 2 - 5 Days, I've contacted them more than 10 times with proof on that and every time they will either send me the mail saying they have received my ...

Gadget Hut & Ebay

I ordered a WINDSCREEN MOUNT HOLDER CAR CHARGER USB CABLE PEN FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S/S2/S3/ACE from gadget hut on eBay, I never received the item as this was sent to the wrong address, when I had eventually tracked it down it had been sent back, after emailing gadget hut I was assured that it would ...

Ebay buyer protection???

I bought an item on [URL Removed] I use ebay because they protect one against ******** or so I thought. The item I bought was removed by ebay, well that's what their email said. I cant contact them via email because the item number is not recognised. I cant phone them because its too expensive. ...