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Un fair gaming

I keep getting disconnected from a game when im winning on fifa 12 and i dont get my points..this had happened numerous times and im getting frustrated ..this dose than satisfy my ea gaming experience ...i demand to be compensated in some way! ...

Fish hooks
Sexual nature

Disney should really take the complaints seriously have just seen advert for new fish hook series and am disgusted to see a fish girating on top of another fish disney is for children walt would be turning in his grave all you care about is money money money its about time you went back to basics ...

House of Rave
Poor customer service

Could not provide tracking details for item ordered. I was advised to wait 6 weeks for delivery as it was sent from the US to Canada. The item did not arrive within that time and has still not arrived. No response to requests for refund despite several calls and emails. The time they asked me to ...