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Sony Playstation
PSN Wallet Money Lost

I attempted to buy some in-game content for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team from my PlayStation 3, and I have been charged for a product 9 times over, but only received it twice. The problem is not that I got charged too many times as such, but that I'm still owed 7x£2.39 worth of content that I wanted, I ...

Rockbet casino
Echecks and use my wallet

Hello, I played a free promo on rockbet casino and won $50, I wanted to withdrawl, march 12th. I used there secure and safe withdrawl method echecks account, they asked me to deposit 25 dollars to withdrawl $75.00. The process took until april 28th with all the rules and regulations, I was suppose ...

Horse racing
The horse racing

I bet on a horse today and when i was actualy watching the race, i felt quite guilty, these beautiful horse are practicaly forced to run for god knows how long with about 30 other big horses, and when it gets to the jumps, there is always one that falls over and gets hurt, concidering that im an ...