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Below you can read my letter to London2012 regarding transaction issues that have been not solved at all:

As you can see in the screenshots provided, I was having problems while trying to purchase football in on April 30th. I had saved the screenshoot as I used in twitter to demonstrate I was having considerable issues while trying to finalize my purchase. The system would log me off and ask me to choose new tickets (after waiting again for availability) in order to try to make a payment again and again. This happened several times for at least one hour until, finally, I received a confirmation that my tickets were processed.

The money came out from my account on May 2nd in 2 different transactions: Your ticketing account number: 59-38649
- first of £1256 and;
- second of £1662

When I had problems trying to use my Visa card in that same week, I went to my bank and found out that it came from Tickets. London2012 and I was advised first to contact London2012 in order to investigate further.

In the following week, I called London2012 to get more information and I was told it could be a problem with the transaction, therefore I should not worry, because I would receive a refund within 28 days for a total amount of £2, 765, which was minus 3 tickets (category C for football at £45 which I was intending to buy in the first place).

The tickets in my account had a confirmation number OLY-546296D7, but I still waited for my refund.

It was only around July 13th when I received my tickets to find out that it contained 36 tickets for the same event (spread in 2 categories A and C), when I had already confirmed only 3 tickets for category C in my previous call.

So, I called London2012 again several times for a couple of days until I managed to get through a lady, which I don’t remember the name. She told me that I would need to resend all tickets back to London2012 with the print outs after requesting the resale through my account with London otherwise they would not know which tickets I still hold and wanted to use.

So attached, you also find a copy of all emails regarding the apparent resale request. She had also confirmed it was not a resale, but a request of refund regarding the issue I had with my transactions and I could expect £2, 765 within 28 days again.

It was only around Aug 20th when I received a payment of £720 from London2012 and decided to call back to find out more about my refund. I was not able to get through anyone for more than 2 hours waiting when finally I was giving the option to leave a voicemail. Which I did along with my contact number and account details specifying I was requesting a refund due to transaction issues.

Before I left to London for the games, I tried several times to speak with someone. This time I made a note of who I was speaking to, his name was Eugene, a very unhelpful person, who should not work in customer service at all, not even in any job dealing with people INdirectly.

After almost one hour and half waiting in the phone to get thorough someone, Eugene would not give me any information as I did not have a tracking number from Royal Mail to prove I had sent my tickets back. Apart from my disappointment, he would not listen that I had already received a refund and that it was a proven of receipt of my single letter containing all tickets as it was also proven of part of my refund had been already processed.

Eugene put me on hold several times in a call that prolonged for almost an hour.

All calls and attempt of calls have been made from my office and everyone in my work place, specially (omitted names) – who seat closer to me – are testimonies of all calls up to today. They are as knowledgeable of the issue I have as anyone I spoke on the phone with and they are willing to give testimony in the citizen advice boreal or court if needed.

In that same call, Eugene tried his best by putting me on hold, to make me tired and to hang up, which I didn’t and told him we would be on the phone for hours and he would prove how horrible his service is by hanging up even though he knew how difficult it was to get through London2012 during the games.

Finally he decided to tell me that he would confirm £720 refund made on August 17th and that I could expect the remaining £2, 040 in two payments within 28 days. My impression was that he was saying that only in order to get rid of me, so I asked him to confirmed that my tickets were finally put to refund and not to resale as it was obviously that problem so far. Eugene confirmed emphatically with a yes and my problem was solved, but I should only expect the remaining refund within 28 days. Very upset, but there were not much I could do.

While in London, I received a call from London for my surprise, asking what problems I had as someone finally had listen to my voicemail. Thinking that my issue had been solved, I told the person my refund was being processed as Eugene had already dealt with my case.

Friday 14th of September I decided to call back in order to find out why I haven’t been paid so far. I got through to a helpful person, Lucy. She told me she would call me back on the same day in the evening to give more details of my refund. Which she didn’t, so I called back in the following week and sadly I got through to Eugene, which I recognize his voice straight away and his “I-don’t’-give-a-fuck” attitude, but he would insist I had never, ever, spoke to him as there is another Eugene present in his work place.

I can reassure with no doubt that was the same Eugene as he sound the same sad ungrateful useless person, with a very distinctive accent, from my previous failed attempt to process a single refund. Eugene would not pass the call to Lucy, saying that Liz doesn’t work there – that means he was pretending to hear a different name in order not to pass on the call to someone a lot more capable than him. After spelling out Lucy’s name and asking kindly to pass on the call to anyone if not her, so I could deal with someone but not him, he finally decided to pass on the call to Lucy.

Lucy was already aware that I was upset and took the call only to reassure Eugene’s decision of his unwillingness to anything. She said I would not receive any refund as my tickets had not been sold. She then told me that she only knew about the outcome of my request on that day, so she apologised for not calling me back in the previous week. Then again, I had to explain lengthily that I was not requesting any resale at all or do I have 33 relatives and friends willing to go to an event in Manchester without tickets? Which part of any of my calls and explanations of transactions issues haven’t I been clear enough?

Lucy then told me to send a letter again to:

London 2012 Tickets
Freepost 6890
M1 1BB

It is unacceptable in 2012 you are giving the option to buy tickets through internet, but any complains or apparent issues happened with the provider to be dealt only through the post and not over the phone or even email?

Find attached also a screen shot I’ve saved thinking I would have problems and now, just after my last call with Lucy, my account in London2012 is erased and it does not show the same information available from the screen shots provided.

This not only prove lack of consideration with customer that has been robbed, but it is a typical criminal attitude done with the sole purpose to delete evidences of their unprofessionalism.

I request now a call to confirm this letter has been read and also an email confirming my issue is being dealt with.

You know what will be the next steps if I don’t receive my refund of £ which will be persuading gladly in order to claim a lot more than what I am entitled to.

After this letter, Luki Shafti from London part of bid winner to handle London2012 sales tickets through Visa only payments, has informed an investigation in which will go through all calls made by me, from my work number, around the hours and days I have already provided him.

2 weeks has passed and the investigation seems another lengthily unproductive operation. I hope this complain call their attention to at least find all recorded communications made and finally process an immediate single action of a simple refund to be made by this ridiculous company for not even apologising for robbing a customer who has had problems for being £2000 over-drafted.

Company: Tickets.London2012

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

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