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Harry Corry Ltd

So today purchased a 'cushion' in your harry Corey store in Kilmarnock I had my friend and small child with me I then found a cushion elsewhere that was suited better my small child was tired and upset after shopping so my friend agreed too return too hurry Corry the cushion I no longer required ...

Deichmann Shoes
Customer service

Hi.i bought shows for my little one on monday but it was wiring size so on tuesdsy about 3 o clock i went to exchange to the other size.i went to counter i said i bought these yesterday i needed to exchange with that size.the lady was there she was so rude and her face was lyk she is gonna eat me ...

Data Cabs
David Thomas

This driver was constantly on the phone while driving the fair from cockette to town was £10 when it normally is £5.i also heard him say on the phone to someone that he is doing all his taxi fares today off the books to make more money.he was also verbally rude and agressive. He shouted at me for ...