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Sensory education toys
No order

There is an inherent lack of communication, they take your money, no response, told not to email, avoid at all cost This company is masked on others and has different addresses, premium phone numbers but only a sarcastic voice mail. Unbelievable that it’s still allowed to trade after years of ...

Lora Jones
Plagiarist Lora Jones

Lora Jones in Wales in the UK has attempted to plagiarise others work in the past and pass it off as her own. Plagiarist Lora Jones is trying to scam others once again. All publishers please avoid. Plagiarist Lora Jones thinks she can steal others work. Plagiarist Lora Jones commonly uses others ...

He is scam

Lisa Matthrews also works with this chap! Need money back? Contact bank and say push button scam! Leave review on amazon products so you can tell the world the type of person she is. Contact paypal if you paid by paypal. Report her to the turkish visa department. Start small claims court ...