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Comentator Bath V Sale Rugby
Poor commentary

I tuned in to listen to the commentary of Bath V Sale rugby. The commentary was so poor I gave up at half time. Listening to hear what is happening in the game, where the play is who has the ball, what the direction of attack is, What happens at breakdowns etc. I have no idea as the commentator and ...

Aggi Theochauos

My complaint is regarding Dr Elizabeth Hersey. She approched us from America wishing to return to the UK. Misrepresented, lied & managed to decieve us into taking residency in our property in Hampstead for 5 months before we managed to get her evicted owing us in excess of over £22, 000. If this ...

Sensory education
No goods

Put in an order on the 19th November, phone no answer just a message which is no use, sent emails, I did manage to get one reply, they said that it would take 3 days to look into it. 5 days later nothing. How are these companies getting away with it ...