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Wrights pies ltd
Where is the filling??

After bringing my husband home from hospital today, he wanted a wrights pie for his lunch. I called at kidsgrove wrights shop and purchased one meat/potato and one corned beef/ potato pasty, the pasty was all pastry, so i cut it off and opened it up to find the smallest spoon of filling you have ...

Bargain bed sits
Agressivement, terrible

The lady responsible for rents is EXTREMELY agressive. Bad manners. She shout and interrupt you when you are talking. There is no way you speak about the place you are interested in, because she nearly hang the phone up. Don't rent anything from this place!! ...

Logoxpres Ltd

Placed my order on 23rd July, realised my ordered needed amended as when my child returned to nursery her group had changed therefore her polo shirt was to be a different colour, since 13th of August I've messages 3 times on logo Express website left 2 voice mails on the phone and sent 4 emails, I ...