Reviews and Complaints of UK Consumers
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Reward Me
Super Reward

I went through my account recently and realised that My Time Rewards Company have been taking £15 a month twice on a monthly basis out of my account since December up till on 21.4.20 without my consent. I have tried to contact them regarding this but they do not answer phone or reply to any emails. ...

Xpress service

Laced my order on 23rd July, realised my ordered needed amended as when my child returned to nursery her group had changed therefore her polo shirt was to be a different colour, since 13th of August I've messages 3 times on logo Express website left 2 voice mails on the phone and sent 4 emails, I ...


Ue to coronavirus I ceased trading 15th May Contacted Grenke on 22nd May to ascertain where I stood with transferring equipment and lease to a third party who'd taken a new lease on the Public House premises. I paid the June instalment and in January had paid a service / insurance fee to cover ...

Peter brady

I just came across this site and i had to write more. The Coral Lake and Beach Resort, being run by is a total scam. They have stolen many peoples money before they changed the name from Coral Beach- Venturis International, to The Coral Lake and Beach Resort - Bric-Investment. ...

Hugh & Co

Arranged for Mitchell and Partners to sell my mobile home, transaction was completed on 1 December, I never received an invoice, I was going to settle the account on Saturday 12 December, but on Friday the 11 December at 4 o’clock approx, I answered a knock at my door to see Steve (one of the ...