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A2b Taxi
Not at all happy

A2b is the only taxi company I use as I thought they showed a more reliable and friendly services, I use their services almost everyday and sometimes I can use them up 4/5 times in the one day, I have never argued, ran from or not paid a tariff, however since moving home I've been told everytime ...


When paying a higher price for an item you would expect it to work. I received a waterproof eyeliner from my mother as a Christmas present being a girl I had a back log of make up so have just got round to using it. However I could not finish my make up as when twisting the end to extend the ...

R W M Installations
Internal doors

This man fitted all my internal doors upside down, he damaged every single door he damaged my doorframe and sold it with carbody filler and damaged my carpet, after getting to independent joiners to come and check out his work on the report saying there is no skills and no care they are the ones ...