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Data Cabs
David Thomas

This driver was constantly on the phone while driving the fair from cockette to town was £10 when it normally is £5.i also heard him say on the phone to someone that he is doing all his taxi fares today off the books to make more money.he was also verbally rude and agressive. He shouted at me for ...

HireHouseCleaners Ltd
No receipt sent

Hire House Cleaners came to my flat to do a professional cleaning service for the end of my tenancy. They arrived 30 minutes late. Upon inspection I found they had not cleaned under any surface (IE Bed & Couch) they made no effort to clean any marks on the walls. Finally they refused to send me a ...


I bought a ticket for my folks to the USA as I have done many times with this company. This time though I got a call about half an our later stating that my ticket had gone and I needed to pay extra for another tickets to which I said not to worry I'll try elsewhere. I asked about the payment ...