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I was absolutely disgusted with this site, they charged me £24.00 for an answer I could get for free of the internet and then proceeded to take another £15.00 out on my account. BEWARE they are a bunch of cowboys and I would never ever use them again. ...

Crystal gardens

Im very very very angry that your emillionairsys has taken £35.28 out off my account for some bloody millionare shit now i will be going to trading standerds and every were i can unless that money is given back to me now, i will even go to watch dog cos this is not on whats so ever. ...


The YMCA have a Discriminatory policy in place whereby if your forced to stay in one due to being made homeless you may not apply to work in the building. Even if they have Jobs advertised on the notice board when you go in. The YMCA promotes itself as being a Christian Charity but it doesn't seem ...