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Zynga Poker
Chips gone missing

I would like to complain about Zynga poker game on Facebook.

3 weeks ago, i had 1.3 billion counts of fake poker chips, 1 day that i didnt get to play, they have reset my account to 1m. and when i complained, they said they could not track where all my chips had gone. they even stop replying to all my emails that i sent them because they said the cased was closed and the decision is final that they wont replaced any of it back. it makes me mad that i dint have any warnings that my account had been tampered with anywhere else and that somebody tried to logged on with my account. the thought of it was really suspicious because a friend who had the same amount had been reset to 1m too, but he got his replaced and dismissed all my complains and that they would not go any further investigating it.

but anyway, so i started playing again and managed to buy 400 mil from the site. pay real money for fake chips for entertainment. so 3 weeks playing, i managed to get to 1 billion again... yesterday, i played for a bit and won little by little and managed to get to 1.12 billion, i went out for couple of hours, and when i came back online, i saw messages from friends that i only have 100 thousand left out of 1.12 billion. its shocking really because when i complained again, this is the email they replied me with:

Hello Sienna,

This is Rodrigo of the poker team and I understand your concern about your missing chips unfortunately, we are unable to verify the loss reported was the result of a hack, and therefore cannot restore the chips.

If you have recently received a message that you are already connected to a server or any other unexpected experiences signing in, please clear your cache and change your passwords now.

Please be sure to collect your winnings before leaving the table, and always click the Go to Lobby button when leaving a table. Also, remember to always log out of your social network account. We strongly recommend that you change your password now and regularly change it every few months.


Rodrigo Jose

Zynga Player Advocate

the same day as a friend of mine had 900 million, down to 63 million, while playing on a table. i am really sick and tired of getting to this point where we play non stop and as soon as we reach decent amount, it disappears for no reason. and the fact that zynga cannot do anything about it makes me more angry. please if anyone out there who is able to help... i am begging for this matter to be sorted out. there are a lot of people who are taken for granted by Zynga by taking chips away for no reason and no hard explanations to back the results that they are giving us.

Company: Zynga Poker

Country: United Kingdom   Region: England

Category: Games & Gaming process


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