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Found choke hazzard article in drinks containe

Last evening sat 17/11/07 i went my local kfc and bought 4 meals for my family including drinks and the following morning i emptied the remains from the drink containers into the sink to find a 2 part plastic connection from one of the drinks dispensers, one part being a potential choke hazzard if ...

Lipton Ice Tea
Scary product!

I am very worry and need and urgent advice before the something happen to someone again. On Saturday 08/07, my wife, my son (2) my aunty and I were traveling to Calais using Euro tunnel. We were supposed to board for the 13.50 trains going to Calais, when doing our checking at 13.33, the automatic ...

Fancy Chicken n Pizza
Labeling food incorrectly

I have a leaflet of this shop in my hand which has labeled pizza's with 'ham' toping 'halal.' From as far as i am concerned ham cannot be halal and therefore, its misleading for those who trust this shop and those who cannot read the english language fluently will be fooled by the label 'halal' ...