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Chess Telecom
"Free Trials" that cost you at least 99p every month plus the £99 +vat get out fee

Anyone thinking of joining chess, you really need to do your homework and read up on this company, you have been warned. The previous company I used for my telephone line (Geezer telecom) got taken over by these charlatans, I did not opt to join them.

You may notice your bill creeping up a couple of pound here and there, and like I did, put it down to a few extra calls for that month. It was only when my bill doubled one month that I decided to check my previous bills, on top of my new line rental charge I found "Line Assurance" £0.99 and "Fraud Monitor" £2.99. These charges were added to a number of invoices which went back over several months, so I made a call to see what was going on.

These charges came from "Free Trials" of services, "Free Trials" that you are told about in small orange print at the very end of your 4 page invoice! "Free Trials" that I didn't opt out of therefore I was automatically signed up to those services, "Free Trials" that I didn't spot or ask for. In my eyes that's a very naughty way of doing business Chess.

On to the double line rental charge, it had doubled because I was now out of my 12 month contract and now on a rolling contract. Having explained the new line rental charge and the "Free Trials" charges the chess employee then asked me if I would like to sign up to another 12 month contract, yes I laughed too :)

Having read some of the comments regarding ending a 12 month contract with Chess and termination fees in their thousands, thank god I didn't say yes. Having joined a new supplier I received a call from Chess stating there would be a £28.00 termination fee to pay because I hadn't given them 30 days notice in writing of ending the contract, I thought whatever, £28.00 to get rid of Chess, that's a bargain :)

I received my final bill, £152.06 for the period 01/02 to 04/02.

That's right, £152.06 for 4 days service!
Actual service charges were £4.38+VAT for the 4 days.
Termination fee £28.00
Administration fees £99.00+VAT

When I asked what the £99.00 fee was for the reply I got was "Ah, have you ended service? " "Yep, that's admin fees". I told them I would reluctantly pay £33.26 of the bill if they removed the £118.80 admin fee. The Chess employee told me they would not be removing the fee, fair enough Chess, you won't be getting another penny from me :)

Chess really are something else :)

Update 22/02
Their latest "Free Trial" is their "Disaster recovery plan", don't forget to cancel your "Free Trial" of something you neither asked for nor wanted because if you don't, that's another 99p every month on your bill. Another 99p every month from every customer. They know most people wont notice a 99p increase in their monthly bill and that is why they do it. Its a legal way to syphon money from bank accounts. Absolutely disgusting way of doing business.

Company: Chess Telecom

Country: United Kingdom   Region: United Kingdom

Category: Telecommunications


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