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Jo B

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Jo B • a second ago R e m o v e


My commentscappear with a word "remove', where normally you find "report abuse"

Who puts that there? Is Yahoo controlled by CIA, FBI or Homeland Security?


Jo B

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Jo B • a second agoRemove

I am not sure that the events in Bengazi were such a surprise.

Ambassador Stevens was a CIA man, one of the manipulators of the putsch. Reminds me of Chile (also a 9/11! ) Anyway, where do we look to find out who steered this one?

Should we call the originator of this provocation "Sam Mossad"?

Of course, bringing Uncle "Sam" in disrepute as Islam-hater is not difficult. Too many Presidents have contributed to that picture - apart from Mr. Reagan who could neither see the difference between a serious, responsible religion inthe Acqba Mosque in Cairo and a backyard radical sect in Kandahar, nor - forgive me the frugality - his a... from his elbow.

So, the "Sam" has a purpose - and has achieved its aim. The US Presidents after the last honest man standing, Carter, have almost invited it:

Even if this were not a spontaneous outbreak of anger - especially with the Israeli origin of the film in question! - it would not come as any surprise:

It has been since President Reagan's totally naive and idiotic assumption that one can do "a little blood-letting" far away without having to think of any consequences for oneself - a catastrophic error, a we know now.

This error was, however, brought to more and more, and now permanent rivers of blood by the ignorance of the entire succession of Presidents after Reagan who seemed to still believe that nothing bad would happen to the States or their citizens.

Through their choice of the wrong friends and allies all Presidents after Carter have set up a fire of hate against the USA and all their allies (or poodles) that has taken up the dimensions of a catastrophe.

This Bengazi event was the "thank-you" to Obama for his help in taking the (Ghadafi) security lid off Libya, as 9/11 was AlQuadea's 'Thank you" for Reagan's help in making them powerful.

Will there be more "thank yous" - say, from: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia etc, etc. It may be good to feel strong - but it's bad to be hated.

So, just one question: Who would benefit from the United States being hated and isolated around the world (aren't they already)? Which tail would wag that big dog even more effectively into its own interest - for instance a war against Iran?

We have to realize that politicks are far too serious matter to be left to politicians - they only do what they are told to do - and Mr. Obama is no exception. If someone wants to drag someone else into their movement, they get a little wasp to sting someone else who lashes at the insect - and hits our projected ally.

Here we are. And Mr. Obama is quoted as saying: "Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later." Oh dear me: Rocks flying out of glass house are more hurtful inside. He should have thought of that before making the same mistakes as Reagan - in Libya, Bahrein, Syria: Support his own worst enemies.

There’s nothing new in Middle East now, whatever it is. Too many interests have created a powder keg. And some like it a lot!


Jo B

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Jo B • a second agoRemove

What a surprise:

I have been erased again.

And they call that "Freedom of Expression"?

Only if it's their way.

Where did we have that before?

Oh yes - That little man with that funny moustache - No, not Chaplin.

He had a rule like that.

Are we back to it?
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