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I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM DR OWEN DOUGLAS FROM HSBC BANK Chief Auditor (H.S.B.C Bank London). HSBC Bank London Main Branch Foreign Exchange Unit, Level 19 #8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ United Kingdom Tel: 44 7924541389 Tel: 19402385447 Fax: 44 702 4044 984 Date: 08/08/2011 That I won money and ...

Old Mutual
Disgusting action

I have a unit trust investment with Old Mutual Fund Managers in the UK and needed to redeem some units to finance an upcoming trip to the UK. Old Mutual advised me in writing that a faxed instruction to sell some units would be in order. I also opened a UK bank account in order to accept the ...

Jay Cooke Loan Services
Telling me

How can you tell me there are no upfront fees and transfer fees and then after waisting a week of my time because i thought you were legit you then turn around and tell me i have to pay R2665 to you in order to get my loan. lair lair lair scammer scammer scamme ...