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Barclays Bank
Abuse of South Africans

Barclays UK owns the majority of shares, 55%, in Absa Bank, South Africa. I'd received a call from Ms Jayne Grayson from Barclays UK after I'd filed a complaint against Absa Bank ZA, [URL Removed] but was told by ms Grayson that Barclays UK have no controle over Absa's conduct. I'd found out that ...

Cash Machine - no cash given out

Travellers beware at London City Airport (or other airports) when you withdraw cash from Travelex ATMs. I drew 200 GPB, the machine gave me a receipt but no money came out! The ATM then shut down. I went to the nearby counter and was given a form with a case number that I had to give to my bank if ...

Aydan Flabio
Damage Cost: USD400

Corliss Online Group Financial Magazine Website Reviews First off, the website banner shows colourful night scenes of probably some the world’s foremost financial centers. But the gaiety somewhat ends there. The entire site seems to be nothing but a drab, text-filled document in one-font size, ...