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Prodex Security Courier Services
This courier company has ripped me off using a conman based in the UK and has sent me a parcel from Canada and after 3 days reported that the parcel had a problem Doha

I met a Texan guy who is currently residing in the UK for four years thru Internet and later on became friends. After became close, this conman said he is being told by his Director to go to Canada as he has to do some job there as the Department Head, he is working as an Engineer in a Mining ...

Leads Company, LTD
Possibly Illegal Activity

I recieved and email from this company saying i could make 40 USD per packaged recieved. I was to print out the lables off the interent onto the supplied lable sheets. Then bring the package to the post office to foward the packaged recieve. All was to be paid for by the company. I checked them out ...