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TARA, TARA-MEDIUM.COM PLEASE ADVISE EVERYONE THAT TARA-MEDIUM WHO OFFERS FREE READING IS A FAKE, A FRAUD, THE LOWEST FORM OF SCUM!! People who are desperate for help in times of need will not get it from this disgusting person, her site should be shut down. Please do not give her any of your hard ...

Tara -medium
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Ihad agreed to pay tara £200 by instalments of £33 for 6 mths for personal readings, when i received the first reading i decided not to continue as they didnt appear to be genuine or personal to me and i could not afford to carry on paying this money, i have emailed several times to ask her to stop ...

Tara medium free readings

Tara emailed me for months with promises of good fortune and luck, emails came through thick and fast of how she could change everything for a fee. this fee amount changed considerbly over the months. i ended up paying £20.00 as she told me time and time i was going to win alot of money and infact ...