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Scam Scam Alert – Beware of It!!

As my research for this penny auction script-providing site, I got that the is real scammer. Their script is buggy and the support is a just like joke. Their slogan is “Start your own penny auction site in just few seconds” but they don’t have the ability to provide the fine penny auction script in months, ohh…dear this is really funny. From first step the site don’t look too much professional. The design, layout, color and other things are too much ugly. This is you can see in this screen sh0t witch I take just now. I read one post from that man who getting ripped by here is that they ask. There are several bugs in the script and also they know about this well but don’t do anything about that. Because of many bugs the script doesn’t running properly. They even claim that the script can be installed in a matter of minuteslol! They just looking to make people fool but sorry phppennyauction you can’t make us fool because we know quite well that you are a real scamme…

Also they don’t make refunds.

First of all I make a first payment 250$.

They install the script full of bugs in 2-3 days.

I contact them to solve the problems. No answer.

After this I ask them for a refund. Now let the show begin.

They answer in 20 min first mail:

„Dear Dan

Please can you provide me with some examples of such issues you are experiencing?


Karen C.

phpPennyAuction Support”

I give her 10 examples. (screenshoots)

After 2-3 days …. I don’t get any answers … I try to contact them again … Karen answer me again.

„Dear Dan

Unfortunately I cannot find the ticket ID (s) where you have requested assistance with these issues. Can you please provide them? I can see 2 tickets on this account


Karen C.

phpPennyAuction Support”

After I wait almost 1 month, I need to pay the second month 250$. This month I don’t use the script even for a day because it was full of bugs. (No admin password change, footer missing, and moreeeee)

Such a good company the send me a mail

“Hello Dan

If you do not want to make next month’s payment then you can just let the monthly lease drop out.


Mark C.

phpPennyAuction Support.”

I was amazed …. I answer to this mail:

Hello, ok, but what I have to do with the problems that I have with the script? ANSWER:

“Hello Banculea

If you want to continue using the script and want us to fix the problems, then obviously you would need to pay the monthly lease when it falls due.


Mark C.

phpPennyAuction Support“

So .. It’s very easy to see how they think. 250$ more after he told me there is no problem if I don’t want to pay.

I call my bank to refuse their charge. Next day I receive a msg:

Dear Dan,

We recently tried to rebill your recurring order 4821453105 for Scriptmatix Ltd.

for the following items:

phpPennyAuction Professional – Professional – Pay monthly (6 months at $250/m) : 250.00 (USD)

However, your bank declined the transaction for the following reason:

4300 : Authorization Failed

To have these charges post to a different card (or update your expiration date, etc.), please enter your new billing information using the link below. You will be prompted to enter the first 6 and last 2 digits of the previous credit card.

So … they still want money even they give you nothing!

Now Karen it’s in action again!

Dear Dan,

You have used our software and we have incurred the cost of setting up the hosting and providing the support, therefore we are unable to provide a refund of the $250 already paid. However, I can see you have cancelled rebills so no further charges will be paid.

If you can return the hosting account to us by resetting the passwords, then I can provide the rebate of the first month’s payment. Without this, regrettably it is not possible as per our Terms of Use.


Karen C.

phpPennyAuction Support

I reset the passwords in 2-3 hours and mail them. Also on I can read

Free Support Period – Free support period provided with every purchase at no extra cost.

Free Installation

I inform ICC and local Police because I don’t see there is any way for refund.

Now Karen want to inform me that she lives in a civilised country.

Dear Banculea

Right….. And what are you going to say to the police? “I want you to intervene in a civil issue because I bought software, agreed to the Terms of Use that said no refunds, and they won’t give me a refund! Oh and by the way I live in Romania or the USA, I am not sure on my location, it varies” What do you think they are going to say? Let me give you some advice which is free, maybe it doesn’t apply in Romania but it applies here in the UK and in most civilised countries, if you want something done as a favour then you will be much more successful if you remain polite, and calm.

I will refer the ticket to my manager to review as his decision is final and I have other customers to assist.


Karen C.

phpPennyAuction Support

After she rip me also she give me advices. This is fuckin’ crazy.


I find a way to speak with somebody from live chat. This is my last conversation:

08:49 Shanaaz D.: Hello and welcome to phpPennyAuction LiveChat. You are chatting with Shanaaz.

08:49 Dan: Hello

08:50 Dan: I wait more than 5 days and i still don’t get an answer to my ticket

08:50 Dan: What i have to do?

08:50 Shanaaz D.: What’s the ticket reference pleasE?

08:51 Dan: Just a second

08:51 Dan: RMJ-237-23819

08:53 Shanaaz D.: As this is a Billing issue a member from our billing team will need to contact you. I will escalate the ticket.

08:54 Dan: I understand, do you know when?

08:54 Shanaaz D.: It’s escalated so as soon as they can they will reply.

08:55 Dan: The manager aprove the refund?

08:55 Shanaaz D.: As this is a billing issue I do not have any information about the issue.

08:57 Dan: Aa oki sorry for my questions, but i really don’t know what to do, no answers from you, nothing

08:57 Dan: Have a nice day

Finnaly I get the answer:

Hello Dan

Thank you for your feedback. The manager has decided that your abusive behaviour is unacceptable, and has refused your refund request. Please note that this decision is final, and cannot be appealed against.


Mark C.

phpPennyAuction Support

SO Beware of It!! it’s part of



Ps: Sorry for my English.


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