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Great and promising online courses

Signed up for these online courses on [URL Removed] I didn't really believe in "online courses" as people always had negative things to say about them however, I gave it a try to get some industry standard programs certificates with my name on. They did change the date from 6 months after ...

The Beauty Academy

I was advised to pay in full for the NVQ2 course (1499 Pounds) to secure my place.However all conversations before that I mentioned that I was currently working in Maldives and a citizen of South Africa and would hence need to apply for a visa in order to attend the college. I requersted the ...

Cd Decoraters
Did a really bad jo

Was supposed to re paint my house. He missed as much as he painted the quality was shocking and I found 20 empty beer cans in my bin. Kept promising a refund and then made more excuses than I have had hot dinners . The guy is a cowboy! ...