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ITV, advertising Sky TV
Biggoted remarks

I was shocked and disgusted at the advert for Sky TV shown on STV last night, which is clearly fronting for the world cup. My objection is the comment, " 5million supporting anyone but england" which is biggotted and supports sectarianism. To much of this goes on in Scotland and I would not ...


Sir, RE; &&&&&&&&&&& I contacted the above named company over taking unauthorized sums from my debit account, they immediately cancelled the membership. I have sent many emails since requesting they refund my account giving them details and the reasons why, todate they have ...

Living tv
Stupid amount of adverts

The Supernatural program on Living TV last night. What the # is going on with the adverts there was one every 5 minuites and allways the same advert, I watched the first episode and i just got angry, Then your presenter said episode 2 is next and uninterupted by adverts, YEA RIGHT the first 15 ...