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Casey chambers

Volume glamour mascara curl bought from Superdrug on 18th January. Was sealed but when opened was dried up and went on really clumpy. Super Drug refused an exchanged as it had been open but how could I have know this without opening. Very disappointed with product. Can attach receipt if needed ...

Faulty products

I have purchased two kohl and contour bourjois 001 noir-issime eye liner pencil which I have been purchasing for years, this time both pencil the kohl would break all the way to the end when trying to sharpen, using the sharpener provided on the pencil, I was unable to use any of both the pencil ...

Keigar Homes Ltd
Electrical fittings

I have lived in my Keigar home for almost 5 years, and where I can not fault the build quality, the lights in the bathrooms and kitchen have not been well installed at all!! It appears that which ever electrician installed these ceiling lights could not have had the correct diameter hole drill, so ...