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I returned a week old faulty PC in the original packaging on the 2nd of December 2014. I sent an email asking them to contact me and let me know when it would be returned I received a reply on the 9th of December informing me they would call me to let me know. There was no call.

I called on the 12th of Dec. They told me they would call back that day to let me know. No call back.

22nd of Dec I phoned and was told they would call back in 30 minutes. Again no call back. I phoned again later in the afternoon. They answered and told me that the machine was still in progress and it would definitely be here before Christmas. I was also told they would call tomorrow after 10:00am to let me know it had been dispatched, if not then call customer services again. Customer services called back and said the machine would be here 3 days after Christmas and it was only a software problem.

5th of Jan 2014 Still no return package. I phoned and was told that the motherboard was faulty and they were repairing it they assured me it would be here in 2 days.
7th of Jan 2014 I phoned to check if it had been dispatched, it had not. I asked to talk to the manager.
He appologised and now told me that the machine had been returned to them damaged in transit and the case had been cracked. They decided to supply me with a completely new machine and upgrade the motherboard to a different spec. A little strange as on the 5th they told me there was only a software problem and the machine was on the test bench ready to be returned on the 7th. I accepted the replacement however.
Again he appologised and told me to ask for him if I called back as he would see to it personally. I asked him if they had replaced the complete machine and he told me they had. I also asked him if they had upgraded the motherboard as previously discussed. He said no “they replaced the motherboard with the "same type” He then asked me if I had the drivers for the motherboard. Which on reflection they should have had if they had just opened a new motherboard package to replace the damaged one, the driver disk comes as standard in a motherboard packaging. He told me that it would absolutely be here for Saturday.

10th Jan (Sat) The package arrived. I inspected the box for damage, there was none. On opening I noticed that the front cover of the PC had been removed and placed in pieces between the cardboard box and the PC separately from the rest of the PC which was packaged inside a polythene bag and secured with polystyrene blocks in the cardboard box. The plastic securing lugs were broken and missing. I took the PC out of its packaging and noticed that the hard drive and SSD cradle mounts had been completely smashed off. All three drives were sitting at a 45 degree angle inside case and rattling loosely. The front of the casing where the metal and plastic meets also had the securing lugs broken and was hanging off separated from the PC. There were plastic parts rattling inside the casing of the PC. I phoned the company again to complain and was asked to turn the broken machine on to "test it". I refused to do so as it was obviously unsafe. There were plastic parts rattling inside the casing of the PC.
When I phoned to complain I was told to send it back to them again and I would have to pay the shipping. After an argument over this which took almost an hour I finally got them to agree that they were responsible for shipping of returned goods that are faulty. When I checked my bank balance later they had charged my account for shipping even though they had said they would pay the return.

A few days later I phoned and asked when the machine would be repaired and returned. I was asked if I had the serial number for windows as they didn't have it. I informed them that the serial number with it's sticker was returned on the first machines case, stuck on the front during manufacturing as is standard for pre-build PCs. It was also on the sticker on the DVD packaging. They told me it wasn't there and also wasn't on the DVD packaging. They then accused me of damaging a sound card and a mouse that was returned with the machine and tried to charge me £500. They also refused a refund and told me that I would have to accept a £500 reduction for damaged goods, and loss of windows key. I was then told I wouldn't get a refund, only credit for a replacement machine. At this point I gave up trying to talk to this company and took them to court. It took all of nine months, countless emails and ignored phone calls, then a court letter to get a final refund.
This has been the most unprofessional company to deal with I've ever encountered. Not only in their approach to building and delivering computers but also in their approach to what the call "customer service"

Would I buy from this company again? Not a chance in hell, but the choice is yours.
Author: techuser

Offender: Tech User

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Computers & Services


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