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Data Systems And IS Trading
The get poor quick scam!

SCAM= MAKE DISHONEST COMPANIES GET RICH QUICK!!! I recommend you do not send off to any company you hear about from a newspaper telling you they will give you over 1 for sending 1 envelope. I have researched into honest companies who ask for people and the rate is more like 20 pence per envelope. ...


This is just to warn anyone out there who receives an email to the effect that "You have Won! " Apparently 5 million dollars is mine for the taking. All I have to do is cover the transfer costs before hand. Almost 5, 000 $. The first mail arrives as such: INTERNATIONALSWEEPSTAKES LOTTO 140 ...

Capital One
Exploitation and pure greed

This company is exploiting the unemployed and other low income people. they phone you at home tempting you into signing up for one of their credit cards offering you up to 2000, and say it dosn't matter your that your unemployed. i was foolish enough to fall into this trap, and was given a card ...